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Chairman: Piotr Sankowski
Vice-chairman: Jarosław Byrka
Secretary: Jakub Kozik
Treasurer: Marcin Mlotkowski

Nagroda im. Lipskiego

The Foundation for Information Technology Development in cooperation with the Polish Chapter of ACM has established the Prize for Young Researchers in Computer Science. The Prize is named after Witold Lipski.

Official status

  1. Polish Chapter of ACM is a registered association in the Province Court in Wroclaw (Sad Wojewodzki we Wroclawiu) and has legal property. Registation number: 62/93, section A.
  2. REGON number of Polish Chapter of ACM is 930724005.

Postal address

Polish Chapter of ACM
University of Wroclaw
Institute of Computer Science
ul.Przesmyckiego 20
PL-51-151 Wroclaw, Poland


acm (at) ii dot uni[dot]wroc .pl

Selected events

Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej (FIT)

It is an annual two-day meeting of Polish scientists interested in theoretical computer science. It gives an opportunity to present some new results, actual stage of current research, as well as exchange information on new grants, projects etc.

The 16th FIT held in Zakopane, The 27th FIT April, 2013. The latest FIT held in Jarnołtówek, April 2014.


Summer schools

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