Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej

Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej

FIT's history

"Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej" is a workshop organized yearly in Poland. The area of interest are all aspects of theoretical computer science. Most lectures are held in Polish. Abstracts of the talks available through WWW are mostly in English.

This is a "low cost" meeting. The policy is to keep the costs as low as possible - the aim is to make it available for everybody and in particular for Ph.D. students who just start their career, still have no grants ... .

FIT is organized by Poland ACM Chapter, and in particular its SIGACT group. Member of the Steering Committee:

Leszek Pacholski (Wroclaw)
Wojciech Rytter (Warsaw)
Jerzy Tiuryn (Warsaw)

History: FIT emerged from a former joint seminar of research groups from Warsaw University and Wroclaw University (so called "Seminarium Warszawsko-wroclawskie"). The whole story started in late eighties, with an to aim to provide better communication means between people working in theoretical computer science in Poland. And it succeeded! After a short time new participants came from many other places, like Bialystok, Gdansk, Krakow, Lublin, Poznan, ... . The people from Warsaw and Wroclaw became minority and it was appropriate to change the name of the meeting. The present Steering Committee consists of three persons who initiated the meeting at its very beginning.

(M. Kutylowski, Paderborn, January 1995)