Seminar: Image Processing and Computer Graphics 2017

Spring Semester 2017:
Wed. 8:30-10:00, room 140
Office: 337

Please browse the Siggraph and Eurographics Conferences from last years. Find the topic that interests you and propose paper.


Invited talks:
23.V, 18:15, room 310: Robert Kraus - "Metropolis and ERPT method" based on his master thesis 14.VI: Robert Kraus - "Hardware ray tracing"
  • 27.II, 6.III (mondays): Organization, File formats, Point Processing, Histogram equalization
  • 15.III: Fourier Transform for Image Processing
  • 22.III: Rafał Cieślak - Halide, VizGen,...
  • 5.IV: Maciej Faron - "The Appearance of Human Skin: A Survey" pdf, Arnold+Maya, alShaders, presentation
  • 12.IV: Damian Dyńdo - "Vulkan API Overview"
  • 26.IV: Michał Jagielski - "Rich Panorama ..."
  • 10.V: Artur Rosa - "Descriptors ..."
  • 17.V: (moved)
  • 24.V: Aleksander Łukasiewicz - "Poisson Image Editing" (Perez Siggraph paper)
  • 31.V: Robert Ferens - "GraphCut ..."
    • R.Faron - "A Two-Scale MicroFacet Reflectance Model Combining Reflection and Diffraction" (SIGGRAPH 2017) pdf link
    • R.Cieślak - "Decomposing Images into Layers via RGB-Space Geometry" (SIGGRAPH 2017) pdf link
    • ...
  • 14.VI: Invited talk: Robert Kraus - "Hardware ray tracing"

Proposed papers:

We will present papers form the most important CG conferences (Siggraph, Siggraph Asia, Eurographics,...). Most of papers and materials is available by references from the page:

Ke-Sen Huang Links

  1. White Balance:
  2. GraphCut: segmentation and other applications. The method itself and underlying algorithms. Could be more extended version for 2 persons. Good introduction: section 5.5 of Szeliski book. The main presentation content based on the paper Boykov, Funka-Lea (2006).
  3. Gradient Domain Image Processing: good start is Siggraph paper Perez, Poisson Image Editing (2003). Some other applications eg. Sun, Poisson Matting (2004) and Bhat, Gradient Shop (2009)...


Ke-Sen Huang Papers Links

Global Illumination Compendium (PDF)

Andrzej Łukaszewski (anl(at)