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Dariusz Biernacki

Associate Professor in the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Wrocław
Member of the Group of Programming Languages
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Address and contact info

Instytut Informatyki E-mail: dabi (AT) cs (DOT) uni (DOT) wroc (DOT) pl
Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego Home page: http://www.ii.uni.wroc.pl/~dabi
ul. Joliot-Curie 15 Phone: (+48) 71 375 78 15
50-383 Wrocław Fax: (+48) 71 375 78 01
Office: 242
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Research interests:
  • Formal semantics of programming languages
  • The lambda calculus and functional programming
  • Interpreters and abstract machines
  • Continuations and control effects
  • The Curry-Howard isomorphism
  • Operational techniques for program equivalence
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Last updated: 10 January 2023