Tomasz Gogacz

Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Tomasz Gogacz
Instytut Informatyki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego
ul. Joliot-Curie 15
50-383 Wrocław, Poland

1) On the BDD/FC Conjecture

PODS 13, coauthor: Jerzy Marcinkowski, Pdf

2) Converging to the Chase – a Tool for Finite Controllability

LICS 13, coauthor: Jerzy Marcinkowski, Pdf
from one of reviews:
"As the chief censor of the Ministry of Family Values I am compelled to prohibit the publication of this filthy pamphlet promoting boundless promiscuity and widespread incestuous relations while claiming to fend for family values. To give an example, the authors expressly consider sinful model of reproduction to be consistent with what they call << family values >>"

3) On regular groups and fields

Journal of Symbolic Logic 14, coauthor: Krzysztof Krupiński, Pdf

4) All–Instances Termination of Chase is Undecidable

ICALP 14, coauthor: Jerzy Marcinkowski, Pdf

5) On the Decidability of MSO+U on Infinite Trees

ICALP 14, coauthors: Mikołaj Bojańczyk, Henryk Michalewski, Michał Skrzypczak, Pdf

6) Measure Properties of Game Tree Languages

MFCS 14, coauthors: Henryk Michalewski, Matteo Mio, Michał Skrzypczak, Pdf

7) The Hunt for a Red Spider: Conjunctive Query Determinacy Is Undecidable

preprint, coauthor: Jerzy Marcinkowski, Pdf