16 października 2018 10:15

Tytuł: Networks in the Disco: Algorithms for Demand-Aware and Self-Adjusting Networks

Prelegent: Stefan Schmid

Czas i miejsce: wtorek, 16-go października 2018, 10:15, sala 310


The physical topology is emerging as the next frontier in an ongoing
effort to render communication networks more flexible. While first
empirical results indicate that these flexibilities can be exploited to
reconfigure and optimize the network toward the workload it serves and,
e.g., providing the same bandwidth at lower infrastructure cost, only
little is known today about the fundamental algorithmic problems
underlying the design of reconfigurable networks. In this talk, I
argue that self-adjusting networks should be seen through the lense of
coding theory and self-adjusting datastructures. I demonstrate, by
examples, the inherent advantage of demand-aware networks over state-
of-the-art demand-oblivious, fixed networks (such as expanders). I
then present entropy-based lower bounds, as well as asymptotically
optimal (polynomial-time) algorithms for different workloads.
The talk is based on our DISC 2017 and SIGCOMM CCR 2018 papers.

Nota biograficzna:Stefan Schmid is a Full Professor at the University of Vienna, Austria.
MSc and PhD at ETH Zurich (Prof. Roger Wattenhofer), Postdoc at TU
Munich (Prof. Christian Scheideler), Senior Research Scientist at
T-Labs in Berlin, and Associate Professor at Aalborg University,
Stefan Schmid received the IEEE Communications Society ITC Early Career
Award 2016.

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