Nov. 7, 2020, 12:20 p.m.

Registration is open to the polish edition of European University Challenge 2020 by Huawei. University of Wrocław is this year's partner of the competition. All Bachelor's, Master's or PhD students across Poland are invited to take part. The competition starts December, 4th and ends January, 2nd. This year challenge is on data redution algorithms (more details below).

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Huawei Competition

The Challenge

  • Working independently, students will design and implement a similarity identification algorithm to improve the data reduction ratio.
  • Similarity deduplication algorithm is a typical storage algorithm to find the similar data segments among a lot of data blocks, and call the compression methods to shrink the storage space the data would occupy.
  • Identifying the data blocks containing similar segments in a large data set is the key for the algorithm. Students should aim to design and implement an intuitive mechanism to help identify these data blocks, and thereafter improve the data reduction ratio compared to the baseline algorithm.


To participate, students must be enrolled in a Polish university and working towards their Bachelor's, Master's or PhD. International students who are completing an exchange or participating in an Erasmus program in Poland are also welcome to take part.


  • Required Programming Languages: C/C++ Required
  • Operating System: Linux (CentOS Linux release 8.1.1911 is recommended, however other Linux OS will also work.)


See the registration page!

Judging Criteria

The platform will score the results by the data reduction ratio. The higher the data reduction ratio, the better the result.