May 5, 2022, 11 p.m.

The University of Wroclaw team has won the CodinGame Spring Challenge 2022 competition. The event consisted in writing an artificial intelligence playing a game created for the competition. 7695 programmers from 303 universities took part. Congratulations to all participants from UWr, especially to the leaders of the individual ranking: Marcin Martowicz (6th place), Szymon Mikler (8th place), Dominik Kowalczyk (20th place), Marcelina Oset (27th place), Marek Szykuła (32nd place) and Jakub Kowalski (38th place). 67 people, students and alumni, competed with UWr affiliation, 14 of them made it to the highest (so-called legendary) league. This is the fifth UWr win in a row, we have won every edition since the introduction of the university ranking.

A mini-conference on the competition will be held on 26 May at the Institute of Computer Science. We plan presentations on techniques and algorithms that performed well in the competition. Among speakers there will be Dr Jakub Kowalski and Daniel Górski (top 10 in the CodinGame world ranking, first place in Poland). More information soon!


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