June 13, 2023, 12:24 a.m.

Results of the Engineer 4 Science 2023 competition at our department have been announced! The first prize was awarded to the thesis 3D Pathfinding Plugin for Unreal Engine written by Dominik Trautman. The advisor of the project was Łukasz Piwowar.

Dominik expanded the widely used game development engine, Unreal Engine, with a method for three-dimensional pathfinding. The jury of the competition was most impressed by the accurate identification of a significant gap in the mainstream product and the efficient implementation. Few months after its release, the plugin has been downloaded by over 40,000 game developers.

The second place was taken by Zbigniew Drozd's thesis titled Construction and Evaluation of a Cost-Effective Encephalography Device. The thesis had two advisors - Paweł Rychlikowski and Marek Materzok. The author presents an original and functional encephalography device, which required a range of skills, starting from building a cap with electrodes and electrode clamping mechanism, designing and creating the circuit and PCB board, implementing the device's controlling firmware, and developing software for data processing and visualization. The author himself completed all these stages of work!