May 14, 2024, 1:46 p.m.

Join us on Wednesday, May 22, for lectures by Tomasz Bednarz (Director of Strategic Researcher Engagement, NVIDIA).
At 14:15 the main lecture Revolutionizing Scientific Discovery:Leveraging Simulation, Modeling, and Generative AI will take place, and at 18:15 the SIGGRAPH Animation Festival. The public is invited to enjoy pizza during the event.

Both events will take place in the room 25 of the Institute of Computer Science.


Revolutionizing Scientific Discovery:Leveraging Simulation, Modeling, and Generative AI


Science and simulation are inherently creative processes, and artificial intelligence (AI) has been with us for quite a long-time assisting us in effective and creative knowledge discovery and generative assets creation. AI has the capacity to educate and augment humans, and to make them better at their jobs and activities, including carrying out more effective scientific discovery or enhancing cultural experiences. This talk will highlight and show examples of how scalable computational, graphics, and generative methods plus AI-driven simulation techniques can generate new theories, uncover new knowledge, create art, reveal invisible, and assist e.g., in 3D reconstruction that can be applied across industries. 


Tomasz is a Director of Strategic Researcher Engagement at NVIDIA Corporation. His team at NVIDIA actively engages with top researchers and premier research institutions that do compelling, computationally intense work to solve some of the world’s most challenging scientific problems across research domains. 

Earlier he was a Director and Head of Visualization at the Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre (EPICentre) at the UNSW, and Leader in Simulation and Modeling at CSIRO’s - Australian National Science Agency. In 2015, he was Visiting Professor at University of Wroclaw working closely with Laboratory of Imaging and GrapHics Technologies (LIGHT).

Over the last couple of years, he has been involved in wide range of projects in area of immersive visualization, human-computer interaction, computational imaging, image analysis and processing, accelerated computing, simulation, modeling, computer graphics, computer games, computational fluid dynamics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and multi-sensors assimilation.

In 2019, he served as SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 conference Chair. 

Tomas Bednarz @ II UWr