July 3, 2024, 10:57 a.m.

It's almost a tradition - the #uniwroc team wins the competition in writing artificial intelligence for games: CodinGame Summer Challenge 2024 with Fiverr.

In total, 5237 participants from 145 companies and 188 universities took an active part. Among them were 35 people associated with the Institute of Computer Science, University of Wrocław.

Individually, the best performers were:

#1 Marek Szykuła (employee and graduate of UWr)
#4 Jakub Kowalski (employee and graduate of UWr)
#7 Szymon Mikler (graduate of UWr)
#21 Olaf Surgut (student of UWr)
#33 Daniel Górski (former PhD student of UWr and Staff Software Engineer at TomTom)
#49 Dominik Kowalczyk (student of UWr and Junior Software Engineer at Google)

Marek Szykuła won the entire competition (for the third time!). Interestingly, this time, due to the participation of 5 employees, we were also classified in the companies category - taking 15th place worldwide.

This time, the game proposed by the organizers referred to the Olympics and games from the Atari era. The designed programs had to play four games simultaneously - choosing one action that applied to each of them: hurdle racing, archery, ice skating, and diving. According to our participants, taking part in the competition is a great laboratory where you can practice your skills in automation and optimization, as well as the implementation of various strategies useful not only in games.

The competition was organized in cooperation with the Fiverr platform. One of the prizes in the competition is consultations with "promoted experts" selected from among the best codingamers. Two of our representatives are among them: Jakub Kowalski and Szymon Mikler.

Competition page with results