July 9, 2024, 3:33 p.m.

Today, the results of the Polish Graduate tracking system study were announced. Graduates of our 4-semester computer science program earn the most (as to the absolute amount) in the first year after graduation (median earnings - 15.9 thousand PLN) among all on-site programs at all universities in Poland! According to the relative earnings index (the ratio of the median to the average earnings at the place of work), which is 2.06, this is the second-best result in Poland after analytical computer science at UJ (13.3 thousand PLN and 2.3 respectively). The third place is taken by computer science at AGH with a median of 12.7 thousand PLN and an index of 1.73.

Polska, stacjonarne

Graduates of our first-cycle studies also achieve excellent results - they are among the top in the country (3rd computer science program in the country among on-site studies) and earn the most among all on-site programs in Lower Silesia - median 8.9 thousand PLN, and an index of 1.36.

Dolny Śląsk, stacjonarne I stopień