May 23, 2023, 1:48 p.m.

Martin Böhm's project has received funding under the SONATA funding scheme recently decided by the Polish National Science Center. The topic of the project is "The power of branching and learning for online scheduling and bin packing problems", and the granted funds  are PLN 264 000.

Martin received his PhD in September 2018 at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. He is working in the Combinatorial Optimization Group at the Institute of Computer Science here in Wrocław since July 2020, after a postdoctoral stay in Bremen, Germany.

Among his goals in the proposal is to make use of computer search programs that produce verifiable theoretical results for efficiency of algorithms in the area of online computation. This approach makes sense as there are deep connections between the theory of online computation and the theory of two player games, and computers are getting increasingly better at evaluating two player games, such as chess or Go. The scientific abstract for the general public can
be read here.

Martin Boehm